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Welcome to my kennel of Bernese Mountain Dog "Black Velvet"

I am an enthusiast of the animals especially the dogs. At the date of 24th June of 2004 my beloved dog, 12 years old fousek pointer Poker died. After that sad event together with my husband we decided to take the next dog - we couldn't imagine life without it. Our choose was Bernese Mountain Dog. I've always liked that breed. In that way Bianka - bernese bitch arrived to our home at 4th of July 2004. That lovely and funny dog has started to "reign" in our home - the live of the whole family has changed! Bianka has inspired me to create a kennel. At May 13th 2005 I registered The Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel "Black Velvet" in Polish Kennel Club in Warsaw - the registration No. - 3250/B. The big adventure started that day - traveling to the exhibitions, new friendships. My profession has changed as well - I've been the economist for many years and I changed the office desk to the groomer's table - I owe the groomer's saloon - of course named "Black Velvet".

Thanks to my husband Jacek I got in love with the cats as well - we have The Kennel of Siberian Cats - "Koneser*PL"

Thank you for visiting my web sites. If you would like to know the details regarding my kennel or planned litters do not hesitate to contact me - write an e-mail, call or Skype me!

Zuzanna Berdecka-Chmielewska